Towards a New Time Culture is now available

Dear friends and visitors

The pamphlet Towards a New Time Culture is now available – here on the web page (optioned in the menu as well), in PDF and soon in print as well.

We would like to thank everybody who contributed to the publication by donating to the translation. About half of the thesis has been translated and a preface and foreword has been added. Peter Holm-Jensen did a splendid job translating. Thank you! Here is a link to his website.

We will be printing a small number of the pamphlet as well. The price is 35 Kroner, 5 Euros or 4 Pounds – plus postage. We will print two times – 1st of April and 1st of May – and only the amount requested by you. If you are interested, write a mail to info (at) and we will print you a copy, send you an invoice and ship you a copy when printed.

Towards a new Time Culture is available as PDF – here in A4 and here in A5. The full danish version Tid, Kunst og Samfund – et bidrag til kompositionen af en ny tidskultur is still available here.

Thank you,   Jeppe and Morten

Read an abstract of the pamphlet here:

Towards a New Time Culture reflects a search for different ways of living our lives and structuring our societies in new (and old) ways. This search takes its starting point in time theory. It considers the notions of time in our high speed societies very problematic and suggests new ways of thinking about time – based on balance and context. Insights provided by art and art theory are used as theoretical foundations.

I clarify how humans unrelentingly, during modernity, have strived for a higher degree of time control. This is rooted in the belief that effciency and growth are unambiguously benefcial. With the emergence of the ecological crisis, this way of thought has revealed itself as outdated. Seven consequences of the temporal shift towards control and speed are identifed in our contemporary culture. In summary, they explicate how societies which valorise speed follows patterns that are decontextualised, short-term and therefore in danger of preventing a responsible approach to our common future. This time ‘abuse’ has to be countered with a time culture based on respect for the embedded temporality of both living processes and social institutions. Respecting such temporalities necessarily means developing sensibilities towards and understandings of these processes. Works of art can assist with this.

The pamphlet explores this theoretical perspective and sets the stage for implementing new time skills in our contemporary society.

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