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In my experience, time analysis is a very powerful conceptual tool, since it can be applied to a very diverse range of areas, while at the same time it can help to point out precise benefits and disadvantages of different courses of action. In addition, aside from its anti-capitalist undertones, it is a relatively apolitical tool because it doesn’t side with any ’actor’ but ask us to understand and respect the inherent temporalities that surrounds us. Time analysis is not based on an abstract system but on the constitutive behaviour of the object of analysis itself. There is a ’turning to the world’ built into the analysis that I consider very positive.

In a contemporary world where economic problems and natural disasters fill the media, it has become clear that it is crucial to find other ways of life. The values that our society has glorified in particular over the last twenty years have gone largely unquestioned. However, this has changed in the last few years as various social conditions have begun to be questioned more intensely across the public sphere. There is currently a momentum for new ways of thinking about the future.

A key element in the pursuit of a more balanced way of living is to take seriously the place in which we actually find ourselves. We must become aware that we live in a world that cannot cope with unlimited pollution and that has its own temporalities which must be respected. The most beneficial values on which to build our future are not necessarily abstract, but can just as well be concrete and decipherable in our immediate surroundings. Instead of a Beckettian space in which everything seems abstract, empty and uncertain, the cosmic space must be reinstated as man’s actual context. This realisation can stand as an example of a change that can make a world of difference.

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