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Keeping time

When 2010 came around I was working in a consultancy in London and after four months I was already beginning to grow disillusioned with that world. Knowing that I had to change tracks without being clear where to, I spontaneously drew a spiral on the back of a notepad and put a line through it […]

Earthlines and Uncivilisation

It’s been a little while since we’ve posted on here. The quiet since the publication of Towards a New Time Culture is partly because we’ve needed a break from online life and partly because much of the conversation about time culture has been offline. Earthlines brought an article about time culture in their May issue […]

Reading the newspaper

Information December 29-30 2012. A few thoughts concerning two articles in todays ‘Information’, the left wing daily newspaper here in Denmark. The first ones header translates ‘The new type of drug addict is an aggressive, chaotic and desperate one’. It is written by Ida Meyer and is available here (in danish). The article lays out […]

Repossessing the future

This is an excerpt from an essay published in New Public Thinking‘s first book Despatches From the Invisible Revolution edited by Dougald Hine and Keith Kahn-Harris. You can find the entire essay including references here. The nature of time is one of our oldest preoccupations as a species and the answers we have invented profoundly shape […]